• Diamonds
    Focus on stable mining jurisdictions
  • Diamond 2
    Risk management through diverse portfolio
  • Gold
    Innovative asset acquisition and development strategy

Diamond Strategy

Incubation funding focused on missed opportunities

  • Identify incomplete evaluation programs on promising discoveries in Canada, Botswana, Australia
  • Carefully targeted funding will prove real value in many cases
  • Project entry after discovery, at least microdiamond identification
  • Initial investment at relatively low cost (<$5-10M per project)

Managed risk through balanced portfolio

  • A portfolio of hand-picked 5-10 projects across different localities, development stages and varying risk profiles
  • Dynamic portfolio management optimizes value and limits stagnation of pipeline
  • Project selection, portfolio management and investment governance based on extensive large company experience

Leverage global industry knowledge and technical expertise

  • Project selection and rigorous evaluation by industry-leading experts
  • Comprehensive global project database for project benchmarking
  • Clear understanding of risks/opportunities
  • Leveraging uncertainty by superior knowledge and expertise

Patient capital invested in asset ownership

  • Asset-level earn-in to control positions
  • Focus on in-ground expenditure and low overhead
  • Maximized investor returns by early asset sale or staged funding to PFS and beyond
  • Ultimate evolution into pure-play diamond mining mid-cap